Programs and Services offered by MSEO

It is the goal of the Multiple Sclerosis Encouragement Organization to offer programs and services that benefit not only the MS Patient but their families and caregivers as well. We always welcome input from our members as to what types of programs and services they would like to see offered

Currently the programs and services that we are offering are as follows:

  1. Encouragement Groups: Encouragement Groups are where members can get together for an educational meeting. The meetings are usually held at a restaurant and we are fortunate to have a sponsor for each meeting which gives us the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of a Medical Professional. To find an Encouragement Group near you please click here: GROUPS and select your state of interest.
  2. MSEO ID Card: The MSEO ID Card which acts as an “In Case of Emergency” Card is offered to those who have registered on the MSEO Website. The backside of the card lists symptoms of MS that you may experience while the front side of the card lists the following:
    1. Members Name
    2. Emergency Contact’s Name
    3. Emergency Contact’s Phone
    4. Physician’s Name
    5. Physician’s Phone
    6. Any Allergies to Medications or Food
    7. Your Picture
    In addition, while you may show the card to both EMS Personnel and Law Enforcement Personnel; for the purposes of Law Enforcement Personnel, it will be at their discretion if they are going to accept the ID Card or not. The card is not intended to be a Get Out of Jail Free Card. For more information on the requirements for obtaining an ID Card please click here:
  3. Warming Vests: Warming Vests are currently in the trial phase in New England. If the test is successful, this will be a program that will be offered in the cold climates. Right now the vests being considered are the vests with heat packs and vests that are battery operated. Please continue to check back for more information.
  4. Chair Yoga: Chair Yoga before Encouragement Group Meetings is currently in the planning stages. Please check back frequently for more information.