Providing education, encouragement and self-empowerment to those affected with MS, their families and caregivers.


Our logo was designed by our members who have Multiple Sclerosis. The downward lightning bolt represents the day you were diagnosed with MS and all the confusion you felt and how it would impact your life. The upward lightning bolt represents you taking charge of your MS and not becoming your MS and kicking it back to the sky.

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MS Inspiration

While listening to the talk, I was impressed that the personality was not afraid to admit her MS especially since there are so many misconceptions about MS.  In my opinion, she showed not only courage and grace in saying she had MS, she was also very thankful for what she had and was mindful that MS is not always friendly to the person with MS. You can say, life threw her a lemon and she made lemonade.

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Five Simple Words

This was the first time I had used the weed whacker this year and knew there was something I needed to do to keep the string from breaking off too short but couldn’t quite remember what.

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