Requirements To Obtain A Multiple Sclerosis Encouragement Organization (MSEO) MS Identification Card

(Revised August 17, 2018)

The Multiple Sclerosis Encouragement Organization (MSEO) offers MS Identification Cards. These cards are available for any person in the United States or Canada who has a confirmed diagnosis of MS.

In order to be eligible to receive an Identification Card the following documentation will be required:

  1. Proof that you have Multiple Sclerosis.
    1. Proof will be obtained by your showing a current MS Prescription Medication Box or Bottle that shows that you are currently on one of the drugs used in the management of Multiple Sclerosis. The box or label must be dated within the last 90 days. If you are on one of the Intravenous MS Medications such as Tysabri, then a prescription or letter also dated within 90 days, from your Neurologist confirming your diagnosis will serve as proof of your diagnosis.
    2. If you are not currently on a Multiple Sclerosis Therapy, then a prescription or letter from your Neurologist stating that you have a diagnosis of MS will serve as proof of you having MS.
  2. Completion of the online Application for MSEO Member Identification Card.
    1. In order to facilitate the correct information being entered on the Identification Card you will be asked to go to the following website and fill out an Online Application for the card. You may access the website by use of the following website address.
    2. You will then log into your MSEO account and click on the tab at the top of the page that says “Settings”. Then you will click on “ID Card”. This will allow you to fill out the information for the ID Card on your account.
    3. By you filling out the application, it will allow us to accurately pre-enter your information into the ID Card system so that when you upload your picture the ID Card section of the website, all the information will have been entered into the system and all you will have to do is verify that the information is correct.
    4. When your ID Card information is verified as correct and any changes have been made, your proof of MS (medication container, label or physician letter or prescription) will be destroyed from our files once your file is annotated that the information was received. Submitting this documentation is a one-time submission.
    5. Pictures will be accepted from members who will be able to upload their photo to the ID Card System. (See Instructions for photo requirements and how to upload a photo for the ID Card).
    6. Once the ID Card form is filled out and the documentation proving MS has been submitted and your photo has been uploaded to the system, your ID Card will be scheduled for printing..

What information will be included on the identification card?

The following information will be on the front of the Identification Card:

  1. Your name
  2. Your Picture
  3. Emergency Contact Name and phone number
  4. Neurologist (Physician) name and phone number
  5. Any allergies to medications or food. Please Note that due to limited space on the card we ask you to list your most serious allergies first for example; allergies to medications. (Please Note: This field only allows 150 Characters).

The backside of the card will list some of the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis that one with MS may experience, along with the terms and conditions of the card.

When and how will the identification cards be distributed?

All Identification Cards will be distributed via the United States Postal Service (USPS).

After the initial ID Card Distribution has been completed, then at the ID Card Administrator’s discretion, future distributions may be done at any time however, distribution will be done no later than once per quarter (every 3 months). We will send out email notifications when these quarterly distribution dates will be.

What can the ms id card be used for?

The MSEO MS ID Card can be used in an emergency situation and can be shown to Emergency Medical System (EMS) personnel, so that they can know that they are dealing with an MS patient and if you are transported to a hospital or other medical facility, be able to let the medical facility know your history. It may also be shown to Law Enforcement Personnel if they suspect that because of your actions or mannerisms that you may be impaired. However, by presenting the ID Card to Law Enforcement personnel, it does not mean that it will prevent or impede them from doing their job. It will only serve as information to the officer to let them know you have a diagnosis of MS and some of the symptoms you may experience. The officer reserves the right to accept it or not.

Ownership of the mseo issued ms id card

The Multiple Sclerosis Encouragement Organization (MSEO) is the distributor of the MS ID Card. If the MSEO is notified that any person is attempting to utilize the card in an illegal manner or for a purpose for which the card is not intended, then that person will be asked to surrender the Identification Card immediately. Upon surrender, no further card will be issued.

Hold harmless agreement

By applying for and accepting the MSEO MS Identification Card, that the MSEO be held harmless from any intended or unintended consequence of the use of the ID Card. The MSEO while providing the ID card in good faith cannot be held responsible for any act or consequence arising out of the use of the ID Card.

Frequently Asked Questions about the MS ID Card

(As of August 22, 2018)

The following are some questions we have received about the MS ID Card. If you have a question that is not covered here, please send us an email to

  1. Who is eligible to receive an MS ID Card from the MSEO?
    1. Any individual within the United States and Canada with a confirmed diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is eligible to receive an MS ID Card. Please note the ID Card will be printed in English as we do not have the ability to translate into other languages.
  2. Do I have to register on the MSEO website for an ID Card?
    1. Yes, registration is required since all ID Cards are Individually made based on the information you provide on the ID Card Form located on the website.
  3. I am registered on the MSEO website and would like an ID Card, but I don’t attend MSEO Meetings or Programs. Can I still get an ID Card?
    1. Yes, anyone with MS who resides in the United States or Canada is eligible for an ID Card regardless if they attend meetings or not. The form on the website must be filled out and all the information entered, and a photo uploaded, and the ID Card will be printed.
  4. I, or I know of someone who has MS and does not have access to a computer and would like an ID Card. Am I or this person still eligible for an ID Card?
    1. Absolutely. We have procedures in place for people without access to a computer to obtain an ID Card. This procedure would involve having the member contact the MSEO by phone at (877) 590-6736. and we can enter their information manually into the system. They will still need a photo which they can either upload through a friend’s computer or mail their photo to the MSEO.
  5. Why do I have to provide documentation that I have MS?
    1. Documentation is required to prove you have MS because we must be sure we are issuing the ID Cards only to those with MS. If we didn’t ask for documentation, then we would not be following compliance regulations which says we only issue the cards to those with MS.
  6. What type of documentation is needed for the ID Card?
    1. You will need to provide one of the following: a copy of the medication drug label from the medication you are taking dated within the last 90 days. You may also provide a letter or note on a prescription pad from your physician stating you have multiple sclerosis.
  7. What happens after I submit the documentation?
    1. Your file will be annotated that the information was received, and the documentation will be destroyed.
  8. Do I have to provide documentation at every ID Card renewal?
    1. No. The documentation only needs to be provided one time.
  9. Can I also get an ID Card for my spouse or caregiver to have in their possession?
    1. No. Unfortunately, only one ID Card may be issued to each person.
  10. What is the cost of the ID Card?
    1. The ID Card is provided at no cost to those who properly register and provide the information on the MSEO website.
  11. I misplaced or lost my ID Card. How do I obtain a new one?
    1. Contact the MSEO ID Card Administrator and she will provide you instructions on how to obtain a replacement card. The cost of the replacement card is $6.00 and may be made by sending a check/money order made payable to the “MSEO” to the ID Card Administrator or by credit card. Once the fee is received, the ID Card will be printed and sent out to you. Please note that if you submit your request in between ID Card printing cycles, then you will have to wait for the next cycle to be printed and mailed back to you.
  12. I just received my new ID Card and noticed some errors in the card. Why do I have to pay a replacement fee for the card?
    1. If you notice errors after you receive your ID Card and they were not caused by our printer malfunction, there is a charge of $6.00 to replace the ID Card, since the ID Card is created from the form that you filled out and provided online. Therefore, it is very important that you verify that all the information is correct prior to submitting your card information for printing. Please note that the incorrect card will have to be returned prior to printing your new card. Contact Mary at for more information on how to return your card and the fee involved.
  13. The information on my ID Card has changed since it was printed, and I received it. Is there a charge to replace my card with the new information?
    1. There is no charge to make changes to your ID Card. If you find that your information has changed since your ID Card was issued and before the Expiration Date, you can request a new ID Card. Changes that will affect your ID Card include change of physician, change of emergency contact information and if you need to add medication or food allergies to your ID Card that previously were not listed. If you need to make changes, just login to your account at the MSEO website and make the changes on the form. Send an email to Mary at and she will respond back to you. You will need to return your current ID Card before your new ID Card can be printed. Mary will provide you with instructions on how to return your old ID Card. Once your Old ID Card is received back, your new ID Card will be printed during the next print cycle.
  14. My ID Card is expiring. Is there anything that I need to do to ensure I receive my new ID Card?
    1. Prior to your ID Card Expiration date, you will receive an email stating that your ID Card is due to expire. The email will ask that you please verify that all your information is correct or make any changes you feel is necessary. Your new ID Card will be printed automatically for you to receive it prior to the expiration date.
  15. Do I have to return my ID Card that has expired?
    1. No, once your ID Card has hit the expiration date, it is deemed no longer valid. Therefore, once you receive your new ID Card, just destroy your old card.