Acthar (Mallinckrodt)

Delivery: Injection
Dosing: As Prescribed
Website: https://www.actharmsrelapse.com/

This is a treatment for those patients having an MS Relpase and is not a disease modifying treatment.

What is H.P. Acthar Gel?

Treatment for adults with acute relapses or flares of multiple sclerosis (MS). Studies have shown H.P. Acthar Gel to be effective in speeding recovery from an MS relapse. However, there is no evidence that Acthar affects the ultimate outcome or natural history of the disease.

Acthar is injected beneath the skin or into the muscle.


Aubagio (Genzyme)

Delivery: Oral
Dosing: Daily
Phone: (855) 676-6326
Website: https://www.aubagio.com/

Patient Resource for Aubagio: 
MS One to One 
Website: https://www.aubagio.com/ms-one-to-one
Phone: 1855MSOne2One (18556766326)

Avonex (Biogen Idec)

Delivery: Injectable
Dosing: Once a Week
Phone: (800) 456-2255
Website: http://www.msactivesource.com

Betaseron (Bayer Pharmaceuticals)

Delivery: Injectable
Dosing: Every other day
Phone: (800) 788-1467
Website: https://www.betaseron.com/

Copaxone (Teva Neuroscience)

Delivery: Injectable
Dosing: 3 times/week
Phone: (800) 887-8100
Website: http://www.copaxone.com

Patient Resource for Copaxone:  www.sharedsolutions.com  

Extavia (Novartis)

Delivery: Injectable
Dosing: Every other day
Phone: (866) 398-2842
Website: http://www.extavia.com

Patient Resource for Extavia:
Extavia Go Program:  http://www.extavia.com/info/PatientSupport/go-program-resource.jsp


Gilenya (Novartis)

Delivery: Oral
Dosing: Daily
Phone: 1-800-GILENYA
Website: http://www.gilenya.com/

Glatopa (Sandoz)

Delivery: Injectable
Dosing: Daily
Phone: (800) 525-8747
Website: http://www.glatopa.com

Lemtrada (Genzyme)

Delivery: Infusion
Dosing: Yearly for 2 years
Website: http://www.lemtrada.com

Currently there is no information available on financial assistance programs. Please refer to website for more information

Novantrone (Various)

Delivery: Infusion
Dosing: Per MD

Ocrelizumab (Genentech)

Delivery: IV
Dosing: Every 6 Months

Plegridy (Biogen Idec)

Delivery: Injectable
Dosing: Every 14 days
Phone: (800) 456-2255
Website: http://www.plegridy.com

Patient Resource for Plegridy:
MS Active Source   www.msactivesource.com

Rebif (EMD Serono)

Delivery: Injectable
Dosing: 3 times/week
Phone: (877) 447-3243
Website: http://www.rebif.com

Patient Resource for Rebif:
MS Lifelines   www.mslifelines.com

Tecfidera (Biogen Idec)

Delivery: Oral
Dosing: Twice Daily
Phone: (800) 456-2255
Website: http://www.tecfidera.com

Patient Resource for Tecfidera:
MS Active Source   www.msactivesource.com

Tysabri (Biogen Idec)

Delivery: Infusion
Dosing: Monthly
Phone: (800) 456-2255
Website: https://www.tysabri.com/

Patient Resource for Tysabri:

MS Active Source www.msactivesource.com


The following drug is the only FDA approved symptom management drug for MS.

Ampyra (Acorda Therapuetics)

Delivery: Oral
Dosing: Daily
Phone: (888) 881-1918
Website: http://www.ampyra.com