MS Inspiration

Last night while searching through the radio for news and music, I came across an interview that was talking about body shaming.  I was so intrigued by the discussion.  So intrigued, that I had find the acutual clip of the interview.

As I instented intently, it was revealed that the person who was body shamed also has MS.  It turns out that this Fox News personality was shamed by a viewer for not only the outfits she wears but also for her legs.  Let me say that body shaming is never acceptable to anyone be it male for female.

While listening to the talk, I was impressed that the personality was not afraid to admit her MS especially since there are so many misconceptions about MS.  In my opinion, she showed not only courage and grace in saying she had MS, she was also very thankful for what she had and was mindful that MS is not always friendly to the person with MS. You can say, life threw her a lemon and she made lemonade.

As you know we always say the MSEO is about education, encouragement and self-empowerment.  This person in my opinion, epitomizes both encouragement and self-empowerment in her journey with MS. 

It is also refreshing to know that she is not bitter towards the person who body shamed her but realizes that maybe the person who body shamed her has other issues going on in her life that made her lash out.

You don't have to be a news personality to relate to her story.

Please take the opportunity to veiw the video and be inspired to know that despite having MS, you are your own best advocate and how you preceive your MS is also how others may preceive what MS is. 

Be grateful for what you have and don't be afraid to share what you are going through with your care partners, and others important in your life.  They are often your biggest source of support even though they may not always understand what you are experiencing. As a care partner, I can say this is so very true.

The link to the video is: 

I hope you will find this as inspirational as I did.